Top Stellenbosch University Meat Scientist receives prestige award from University of Western Australia (Perth) to present the Hector and Andrew Stewart Memorial Lecture in March 2010.
Prof Louw Hoffman has been named as the 2010 recipient of the prestigious Hector and Andrew Stewart Memorial lecture that forms part of the Institute of Agriculture: Food and Agriculture lecture series. On Tuesday 16th March he will be delivering a public lecture “Game: more than just meat” in Perth.  Prof Hoffman is recognised as a world leader in his field of research “exotic meats” and  as an academic at the University of Stellenbosch has been actively involved in the training of post graduate students and research with a strong influence on factors influencing the meat quality of exotic game and ostrich meat. He has published over 125 internationally peer reviewed papers and has received numerous awards for his research contributions.
Game meat exports to Europe from both South Africa and Namibia have increased steadily over the past number of years.  This presentation will explore the possible reasons for this increase as well as the consequences on wildlife numbers in these two countries.  The producers of game meat have been able to satisfy the requirements of the discerning first world consumers towards meat.  These include sustainable and eco-friendly production, perception of a low carbon footprint, ethical harvesting methods, and first world processing technology, thereby ensuring that the meat is safe, contains no residues, and is wholesome and nutritious.  Game numbers have increased due to most producers following a holistic production and marketing strategy that includes non- as well as consumptive use.  The former includes photographic safaris whilst the latter includes selling of live animals, trophy and local hunting as well as commercial harvesting.  Threats to this industry such as bush meat are also discussed.



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