Animal Scientist wins PRT award

Dr Mariana Ciacciariello, lecturer and researcher in Monogastric Nutrition at the Department of Animal Sciences, has been awarded the annual Achievement Award for the best thesis for a doctorate degree by the Protein Research Trust (PRT) of South Africa. The award was given at the 10th anniversary of the PRT at the Village at Spier Estate. Dr Ciacciariello’s thesis was on The Productive Response of Broiler Breeder Hens to Lighting and Growth Manipulation During Rearing. She finished her PhD at the University of Natal under the supervision of Prof Rob M. Gous in December 2003 and was appointed as lecturer at Animal Sciences in February 2004. Four scientific papers were accepted for publication from the research and two more are due for submission.

Ciacciariello, M. & Gous, R.M. (2004) A comparison of feeding treatments, applied from 15 weeks, and lighting on age at first egg and subsequent laying performance and carcass composition of broiler breeder hens. British Poultry Science. In press.

Lewis, P.D., Ciacciariello, M., Sharp, P.J. and Gous R.M. (2004) Plasma LH and FSH in broiler breeders. British Poultry Science. In press

Ciacciariello, M and Gous, R.M. (2004) Age at sexual maturity and settable egg production in broiler breeders as influenced by growth and lighting programmes. XXII World’s Poultry Congress, Istanbul, Turkey.

Lewis, P.D., Ciacciariello, M. & Gous, R.M. (2003) Photorefractoriness in broiler breeders: Sexual maturity and egg production evidence. British Poultry Science, 44: 634-642.

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