1. Where is the Conference taking place?

  2. Where should I park during the Conference?

  3. What date is the Conference?

  4. What is the official language of the Conference?

  5. What are the Conference themes?

  6. What are the registration fees?

  7. Do you accept payment by credit card?

  8. Can I pay my registration fee in cash or by credit card on site?

  9. Are hotels included in the registration fee?

  10. Will food be included in the registration fee?

  11. If I have special needs, who should I contact?

  12. How do I submit an abstract?

  13. When will I know if my submission is accepted?

  14. Is there a programme available?

  15. Do you have a list of Accommodation Options?

  16. What transportation options are available?

  17. What tours are on offer?

  18. Who can I contact for more information?

  19. How do I get a refund?

  20. What are the medical facilities in Stellenbosch and South Africa?

  21. Who do I call in an emergency?

  22. Where is the closest hospital?

  23. Is the water safe to drink?

  24. Do I need to have any inoculations or vacinnes before I travel?

  25. What about safety and security?

  26. What procedures should I follow in case of an unfortunate incident?

  27. What is the time zone in Cape Town and South Africa?

  28. What is the currency used in South Africa?

  29. Payment methods?

  30. What is the climate like in Stellenbosch in April?

  31. What are the distances and temperature conversions?

  32. What electricity outlets are used in most hotels / guest houses and do I need to buy a special adapter?

  33. What is the correct dress etiquette across South Africa?

  34. Is smoking allowed?

  35. What are the disabled facilities like for visitors?

  36. What are the official language of South Africa?

  37. What are the road facilities like and what are the South African rules of the road?

  38. What are the shopping facilities like in Stellenbosch and South Africa?

  39. How do I make phone calls in and out of South Africa?

  40. What are the gratuity measures when it comes to tipping?

  41. Can I claim back VAT (value added tax)?

  42. What is the current water restriction and how will this affect my trip to Cape Town?