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Allan Ellis

Prof. Allan Ellis


Primary research interests

Floral diversification • plant-insect interactions • plant-insect diversity relationships • insect behaviour, especially as it relates to floral evolution • colour • dispersal evolution • the origin and maintenance of species • species coexistence • diversification of the Cape flora and fauna

Current focal research project

Floral diversification in beetle daisies
The beetle-daisy, Gorteria diffusa, exhibits remarkable floral diversity across its range in the succulent Karoo. We are examining mechanisms involved in the origin and maintenance of this diversity, including genetic, ecological and pollination (particularly sexual deception) drivers. In addition we are exploring genetic and behavioural variation in the bee-fly pollinator and codiversification between it and Gorteria, and in collaboration with Beverley Glover and Rachel Walker at Cambridge University we are looking at the genetic controls of the floral phenotype components that influence pollinator behaviour.

Floral adaptation for sleeping insects
Numerous flower visiting insect species in the Cape flora shelter inside closed flowers at night and during inclement weather. We are investigating the bedroom choices of insect species, asking whether and why some flowers are preferred as shelters and whether plants derive any fitness benefits from providing shelters. With John Terblanche and Susana Clusella-Trullas at Stellenbosch University.

Structural colour in flowers of the Cape flora
The existence and function of non-pigment based structural colours have long been known from animals, but have only very recently been investigated in plants. We are surveying Cape flowers for structural colour (iridescence and glossiness) and experimentally assessing its relevance/importance for pollination in natural systems. With Heather Whitney and Sean Rands at Bristol University

Diversification and evolution of specialization in Cape endemic restio-leafhoppers
Unlike the flora, the evolutionary histories of the Cape’s insects are largely unknown, as are relationships between floral and insect diversity. We are using the Restionaceae and their herbivores (particularly the bract mimicking leafhopper genus, Cephalelus) to investigate Cape insect-plant diversity and diversification patterns and the role of specialization in driving the patterns.

Postgrads / lab members


James Rodger (Post Doc) Project: Selfing in the Cape Flora

Marinus De Jager (PhD) Project: The role of pollinators in generating and maintaining floral polymorphisms within spotted daisies: phylogeographic and behavioural aspects.

Caroli De Waal (PhD) Project: The evolution of seed dispersal and dormancy in unpredictable and changing climates

Marguerite Blignaut (PhD, co-supervisor) Project: Epigenetic variation and its inheritance: – heritable adaptive variation or non-heritable driver of phenotypic plasticity in Pennisetum setaceum?

Tony Knowles (PhD, co-supervisor) Project: The ecological and financial feasibility of avoided deforestation and carbon sequestration activities in sub-Saharan Africa

Willem Augustyn (MSc): Project: Evolutionary drivers of temporal and spatial host-use patterns in restio leafhoppers Cephalelus Percheron (Cicadellidae: Cephalelini)

Hannes Wiese (MSc): Project: Endosymbionts as a mechanism of specialization of Cephalelus on Restionaceae hosts.

Ryan Kaye (Hons): Linking seed dispersal strategies and selection on floral traits in Oxalis.

Genevieve Theron (undergraduate research assistant)

Past postgrads:

Petra Ros (MSc, 2009, co-supervisor). Project: Pollinator driven floral variation in Tritoniopsis revoluta.

Employment and education

2010-               Senior Lecturer, Stellenbosch University
2007-2009:      Lecturer, Stellenbosch University
2005-2007:      Postdoctoral researcher, University of Kwazulu-Natal.
1999-2005:      PhD. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of California, Irvine
1997-1998:      Researcher, Institute for Plant Conservation, University of Cape Town
1995-1997:      Environmentalist, Mali
1991-1994:      BSc (Hons), University of Cape Town


Undergraduate: introduction to evolution, community ecology, field ecology techniques, angiosperm diversification
Honours: adaptive radiation • Cape radiation • evolutionary ecology



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