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Assumpta Duran-Puig

Assumpta Duran-Puig

I have been a Postdoctoral Associate with the Evolutionary Genomics Group at Stellenbosch University since November 2011. My research project is being developed in collaboration with Prof. Terence J Robinson. It is focused on the internal rearrangements of the X-chromosome in species from the 12 tribes recognized in the family Bovidae. For this purpose, we grow cells from different bovid species (predominantly antelope) and apply different cytogenetic techniques such as classical cytogenetic staining and chromosome painting by FISH using microdissected painting probes. This is used to assess or confirm specific structural rearrangements; fine-scale mapping of the different breakpoints is done using cattle BACs.




In 1998 I completed my Bachelor of Science in Biology at the Universitat de Girona. I continued on to the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona where I completed a Master in Human Biology and then worked on a Ph.D. entitled “Radiation-induced chromosome aberrations: partial body irradiations and retrospective studies” at the Department of Cell Biology, Physiology and Immunology under the supervision of Dr. Leonardo Barrios Sanromá and Dr. Joan Francesc Barquinero Estruch.

My previous research largely focused on biodosimetry for which I developed skills in cytogenetics. For the last 7 years, I have also been involved in cytogenetic diagnostics at the St Joan de Déu Hospital, in Barcelona.


Suitability of FISH painting techniques to detect partial irradiations for biological dosimetry purposes
A. Duran, J. F. Barquinero, M. R. Caballín, M. Ribas, P. Puig, J. Egozcue, L. Barrios.
Radiation Research, 157, 461-468 (2002).

Cells bearing chromosome aberrations lacking one telomere are selectively blocked at the G2/M checkpoint
P. Rodríguez, J. F. Barquinero, A. Duran, M. R. Caballín, M. Ribas, L. Barrios
Mutation Research 670, 53–58 (2009)

Persistence of radiation-Induced chromosome aberrations in a long-term cell culture
A. Duran, J. F. Barquinero, M. R. Caballín, M. Ribas, L. Barrios.

Radiation Research, 171, 425-437 (2009).


Assumpta Duran-Puig


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