Evolutionary Genomics Group
Egg Lab

Members of the Evolutionary Genomics Group combine diverse expertise in molecular analyses to study the evolutionary history of terrestrial and marine fauna and flora. Our research is aimed at strengthening conceptual, experimental, analytical and computational expertise in molecular ecology, conservation genetics, population genetics, phylogeography, comparative genomics and molecular phylogenetics. We have developed this focus area into a leading, internationally competitive, South African research initiative. The Group's research is enriched by its strong links with scientists in the USA, UK, Africa and Europe. Key features of our research include a multidisciplinary approach to problems using a wide array of techniques, flexibility in choice of research topics, and close interaction between students and staff.

Staff Members

Post Doctoral Researchers

Prof. Terry Robinson
Prof. Conrad Matthee
Prof. Savel Daniels
Dr Victor Rambau
Prof. Sophie von der Heyden

Dr Sara Andreotti
Dr Nina du Toit
Dr Romina Henriques




Genevieve Diedericks
Tanya Kerr
Lisa Mertens
Candice Owen
Olivier Pasnin
Nikki Phair
Terry Reynolds

Jenna Keightley
Nozibusiso Mbongwa
Erica Nielson
Amir Rezaei
Jessica Toms

JC Bothma
Reece Bolus
Megan Dreyer
Michelle Fourie
Kyle Kulenkampf
Melissa Schulze
Sian Seymour


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Department of Botany and Zoology
University of Stellenbosch
Private Bag X1
Matieland 7602
South Africa