Department of Botany & Zoology, Stellenbosch University, Private Bag X1, Matieland, 7602 South Africa
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Dept. of Botany & Zoology
Stellenbosch University
Private Bag X1
Matieland 7602
South Africa

Tel: +27 21 808-3236
Fax: +27 21 808-2405




Postgraduate Studies

Honours guide - for prospective students (2014)

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Current Postgraduate students

Student Representatives 2014


Honours rep: Genevieve Theron


Honours Students 2014

Name Supervisor (t.b.a.) Project Title (t.b.a.)

Dale Abrahams



Robyn Adams    
Claire Charlotte Burgess    
Maxine Laubscher    
Lona Linamandla Mjindi    
Luisa Simone Morais    
Sheree Lee Müller    
Angus Macgregor Myburgh    
Nombuso Portia Ngubane    
Janneke Rubow    
Genevieve Theron    
Marlene Van der Merwe    
Lise-Mari Van Zyl    
Ben Weighill    

MSc Students 2014

Name Supervisor/Promotor Division/Subject Subject title
Kerry-Leigh Adendorff   Zoology  
Ricki Allardice   Botany  
Edward Archer Prof. JH van Wyk Eco-physiology Potential modulatory effects of selected environmental chemicals on the male reproductive system of Xenopus laevis
Janneke Aylward   Botany  
Helene Basson Dr S Clusella-Trullas Herpetology Energetics of the lizard, Cordylus oelofseni
Pieter Botha Dr A Pauw Plant-Animal Interactions The world without birds: an experimental test of the ecological significance of pollinating birds for plant communities
Casey Broom   Zoology  
Tessa Cooper   Zoology  
Ryan Daniels Dr K Tolley, Dr S Clusella-Trullas   Range shift potential under different climate change scenarios estimated from micro-satellite and mark-recapture data of Pedioplanis lineoocellata (Lacertidae) in South Africa
Genevieve Diedericks Prof. SR Daniels Evolutionary Genomics Comparative phylogeography of Cordylus cordylus and Pachydactylus maculatus across its geographical range
Jason Donaldson Prof. DM Richardson, Dr JR Wilson Invasion Biology Does introduction history matter in invasive ecology: identifying patterns in the invasive biology of ornamentally introduced Acacia in South Africa
Casparus Du Plessis   Botany  
Madelaine Frazenburg   Botany  
Nikki Gartrell   Botany  
Claire Giovanelli   Botany  
Lida-Mari Groenewald   Botany  
Brendan Havenga Dr TR Robinson, Dr S Jackson Marine Biology Fouling by non-indigenous marine species - impacts on biodiversity and mariculture
Llewellyn Jacobs   Botany  
Jacques Jansen Van Rensburg   Botany  
Jenna Keightley   Zoology  
Jurene Kemp   Botany  
Rashawe Kgopong   Zoology  
Amy Lui Prof SL Chown CIB The radiation of Seira: a high diversity springtail genus in the Fynbos
Tandokazi Magangana   Botany  
Mashudu Mashau   Botany  
Thapelo Mathabela   Zoology  
Evidence Mnisi   Botany  
Elana Mostert   Botany  
Anche Muller   Botany  
Luke Potgeiter Prof DM richardson & Dr JR Wilson Invasion Biology An assessment of the distribution status, invasion dynamics, and implications for management of Casuarina spp. In South Africa
Andria Rautenbach   Botany  
Marius Roussouw Prof. VR Smith Antarctic Island ecology A whole-island budget of plant nutrient standing stocks for Marion Island
Elsje Schreuder Dr S. Clusella-Trullas invasion Biology Impact of Alien Plants on Lizards
Ross Shackleton   Botany  
Becky Shinner   Zoology  
Jessica Toms   Zoology  
Jacqueline Tonkie   Botany  
Rochelle Thuynsma   Botany  
Dewidine Van Der Colff   Botany  
Sandy van Niekerk Dr CA Simon, Prof CA Matthee, Dr K Christison(MCM) Marine Biology Systematic review of Polydora hoplura (Spionidae) on the South African coastline
Hannes Wiese Dr AG Ellis, Dr LL Le Roux Plant-animal interaction Evolutionary history of three tiers of a specialist insects' food web in the fynbos
Lee-Gavin Williams Dr CA Simon, Prof CA Matthee Evolutionary Genomics Species diversity and spatial variation of of polydorids infesting the oyster (Crassostrea gigas) in South Africa

PhD Students (2014)


Promotor Division/Subject Subject title
Jessica Allen Prof SL Chown CIB Rate of acclimation, coadaptation and acclimation costs in Tenebrio molitor and Cyrtobagous salviniae: importance in the face of global climate change
Sarah Andreotti Prof. CA Matthee Evolutionary Genomics Evolutionary behavioral genetics and population structure of the Great White Shark, Charcharodon carcharias
Willem Augustyn Dr AG Ellis Plant-Animal Interactions Plant-insect diversity relationships in the Cape: Restios and their herbivores
Charles Babalola Prof. JH van Wyk, Dr B Newman (CSIR) Ecophysiology Endocrine disrupting activity in water sources associated with densely industrialized and urbanized areas expected to be polluted by persistent organic pollutants (POPs)
Ryan Blanchard Prof. DM Richardson, Dr P O'Farrell(CSIR) Invasion Biology An assessment of the biodiversity impacts of biofuel in South Africa
Chris Broeckhoven Prof LeF Mouton Herpetology The relationship between group-living behaviour and termite consumption in the Armadillo lizard, Ouroborus cataphractus
Andrew David Dr CA Simon, Prof CA Matthee Evolutionary Genomics Population structure, gene flow and invasiveness of pest polychaetes
Sarah Davies Prof. M McGeoch, Dr S Clusella-Trullas Macro ecology Geographic range, spread and potential distribution of the painted reed frog Hyperolius marmoratus in the Western Cape
Arno De Klerk   Zoology  
Caroli De Waal Dr BC Anderson, Dr AG Ellis Plant-Animal interactions The evolution of seed dispersal and dormancy in unpredictable environments
Shelley Edwards Dr Krystal Tolley (SANBI) & Prof LeF Mouton Evolutionary Genomics Evolution and phylogeography of Otymus unisulcatus
Hanlie Engelbrecht   Zoology  
Tina Glyn-Woods   Botany  
Tanya Haupt Prof. SL Chown, Prof. BJ Sinclair CIB Albatrosses as ecosystem engineers for caterpillars on Marion Island
Anina Heystek Dr A Pauw, Dr Phoebe Barnard(SANBI) Animal/Plant Interactions Bird pollination systems in the fynbos biome
Elindi Jansen van Rensburg Prof. JH van Wyk Ecophysiology Endocrine disruption effects of agrichemical mixtures in the aquatic environment: biochemical responses and linkage to population -level effects
Christopher Johnson Dr A Pauw Plant-Animal Interactions The role of pollinators in the genesis and maintenance of Proteaceae diversity
Sandra Macfayden Dr C Hui, Prof Dr P. Verburg Botany Linking long-term landscape heterogeneity patterns to changes of ecosystem processes in the Kruger National Park
Anathi Magadlela   Botany  
Ingrid Minnaar   Zoology  
Tendai Musvuugwa Prof. LL Dreyer & Dr F Roets Botany Biodiversity, ecology and evolution of ophiostomatoid fungi associated with native and introduced trees in global biodiversity hotspots
Ethan Newman Dr BC Anderson Animal-Plant Interactions  
Mpumelelo Nkomo   Botany  
Ethel E Phiri Prof. SR Daniels Evolutionary Genomics Molecular phylogeny and biogeography of Afrotropical freshwater crab fauna
Terry Reynolds   Zoology  
Gary Stevens Dr AJ Valentine, Prof E Steenkamp (UP) Botany Phosphoenolpyrovate carboxylase (PEPC) regulation in biological nitrogen fixation in phosphate deficient nodules of Virgilia orobiodes
Christoff Truter Prof. JH van Wyk & Prof. PN Mouton Ecophysiology Testing for endocrine disruptors in South African waters: a comparative study to evaluate in vitro  (recombinant cells) and in vivo (aquatic animals) testing approaches in laboratory and field situations
Waafeka Vardien Dr AJ Valentine, Prof E Steenkamp (UP) Botany The regulation of organophosphate mobilization by intracellular Acid Phosphatases (APase) during phosphate deficiency in the nodules of Virgillia oroboides

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