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Contact details:

Dept. of Botany & Zoology
Stellenbosch University
Private Bag X1
Matieland 7602
South Africa

Tel: +27 21 808-3236
Fax: +27 21 808-2405

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Seminars and Proposals 2017

Venue: 2020 (Broom) - Natural Sciences Building
Time:   13:00 - 14:00
(unless otherwise specified)

[Please Note: Seminar Notices are  normally circulated the week preceeding & the Seminar Schedule is on the 2nd Floor Notice Board. A small Outlook Note Reminder mîght be circulated, but yóu need to diarise the dates]

September 2017  
Wednesday 6th

MSc Defence Robyn Adams Optimal sampling and spatiotemporal change in epibenthos at a sub-Antarctic Marine Protected Area. (Supervisors: Dr Tammy Robinson, Dr Charles von der Meaden, Dr Lara Atkinson, Prof. Isabelle Ansorge)

Tuesday 12th

MSc proposal Hendre van Rensberg A study of the Diopatra moonshine worms of South Africa. (Supervisors: Dr Carol Simon, Prof. Conrad Matthee)

Wednesday 13th

PhD proposal Emmanuel Matamba The impact of forest fragmentation on phylogeograghy and gene flow in Myosorex shrews in the Eastern Cape. (Supervisors: Dr Victor Rambau, Prof Mike Cherry)

Friday 15th Prof. Jon Lovett University of Leeds Ecosystem Health and Self-organized Criticality
Wednesday 20th

Dr Peter Borchaldt, Centre of Earth System Research, Hamburg University. ARBONETH 2025 - An in/ex situ network for trees in eastern Africa

Wednesday 27th

To be confirmed..

Enquiries: Dr Tammy Robinson (

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