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Lee-Gavin Williams

Lee-Gavin Williams

Molecular Biologist/Research Assistant





Supervisor: Dr Carol Simon
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Job Title: Molecular Biologist/Research Assistant

Job description:
I’ve been employed at the department since 1st June 2011. Since then I’ve worked on a number of molecular projects including sequencing projects for rabbits, lobsters, hake and ticks. I’ve completed a microsatellite sequencing project used for parental/offspring relatedness testing on leopards in the Western Cape. I’m currently working on an annelid sequencing project in collaboration with Sandy van Niekerk (MSc, dep Botany and Zoology SU) and we’re making steady progress on a daily basis.

Previous work experience:
I’ve worked for the department of Horticulture as a Biochemical Analyst. Here I assisted a PhD student to near completion of his studies by completing biochemical assays such as hydrophilic/lipophilic lipid extraction and quantification from the skin and tissue of various apple and pear cultivars.

Academic Background:
BSc Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology and BScHons Winebiotechnology at Stellenbosch University.

Personal interests:
I’ve always been interested in how all components of Biology including: Microbiology, Biochemistry and Genetics are integrated. Having a decent background in all of these fields has given me a holistic overview of how Biological systems work, how they can be manipulated and how they can be used to the benefit of humans.

I enjoy almost everything that elevates my mind and adds value to my character… Some of these activities include reading, song writing and all activities that require critical thinking. I enjoy socialising and I’m very interested in human psychology and understanding the way people think.

Contact details:

Lee-Gavin Williams
Department of Botany & Zoology
University of Stellenbosch
Private Bag X1
Matieland 7602
South Africa

Tel: +2721 808-2354
Fax: +2721 808-2405