Qualifications and modules

Focal areas:

The following five focal areas exist within the Department of Business Management:

Undergraduate study:

The following provides core information about undergraduate study and requirements in the Department of Business Management.
Within the BComm programmes there are different focal areas:

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Agreements with foreign universities/institutions:

The Department of Business Management currently has exchange agreements with various foreign universities/institutions. Students of the Department of Business Management at Stellenbosch University may complete certain approved credits in the HonsBComm degree at these universities/institutions. Full degrees may also be obtained at these universities/institutions, subject to the prerequisites of these applicable universities/institutions.

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Similar opportunities exist for foreign students wanting to complete approved credits in degree programmes at their home universities through the Department of Business Management at Stellenbosch University.

All such applications must go through the International Office of Stellenbosch University.
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Investment Management

This programme focuses on Investment Management, and is aimed towards acquiring the International CFA® (Chartered Financial Analyst) qualification. Investment Management consists of:

Career possibilities:

Financial Management

This focal area is geared to employment in the private sector where specialised knowledge of financial management and analysis is required. Financial Management focuses on the following:

Career possibilities:

Financial Planning

The focal area Financial Planning has specifically been developed to enable students to enroll for the Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning after the successful completion of their BComm degree. Students who complete this diploma successfully are entitled to write the entrance examination of the internationally recognised CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) qualification.
The following specialised areas are covered:

Career possibilities:

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

This focal area assists students to obtain an orientation of possibly establishing their own business in future and not strive to achieve the so-called work security in the form of a fixed appointment. Therefore it allows the student to create own job opportunities but also to make creative contributions to other businesses.
The focal area consists of 4 modules that commences in the second year of study and include:

Career possibilities:

Each year the Business Management Department, in partnership with Syracuse University, presents a short course in Entrepreneurship over the June/ July holiday. The unique EESA programme provides senior students at SU with the opportunity to receive practical entrepreneurship training over a period of 6 weeks whilst at the same time mentoring entrepreneurs in the community. More info at www.sun.ac.za/eesa

Marketing Management

The course is continuously adapted to keep up with modern technologies such as the Internet’s impact and its advantages for marketing. A variety of modules in other areas form part of the compulsory modules or are available as optional modules.
The Marketing Management focal area and education is based on the following:

Career possibilities: