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Welcome to the CapeHerp website!

In January 2004, herpetologists from the University of Stellenbosch, the University of the Western Cape, the University of Cape Town and CapeNature decided to form a herpetological club and to meet on a monthly basis. From the start, these meetings were highly successful and in October the same year, during the Seventh Herpetological Association of Africa Symposium, it was decided to have CapeHerp as the official name for the club and also to expand the set objectives of the club.

Objectives of CapeHerp

To provide a forum for communication.

To provide a platform for the coordination of herpetological research in the Western Cape.

To have a centralised website for effective marketing of herpetological research programmes.

To offer a herptological module as part of Honours courses at the three universities in the Western Cape.

To have a body with higher bargaining power than the individual.

To recruit new herpetologists.frog


Next Meeting - Marcel Witberg and Riel Lotter from the Cape Reptile Club will present a talk on their new project: Breeding program for Duberria lutrix. This presentation will be followed by Todd Jackman and Aaron Bauer from USA with: "Phylogeny of the Geckos of the World: A Preview". The meeting will be held at Jonkershoek, CapeNature's Scientific Services' offices on Tuesday the 5th of September at 16:15.

Riel Lotter

Marcel Witberg

Cape Reptile Club

Aaron Bauer
Todd Jackson

Last Meeting -August's meeting were held in Stellenbosch. Tony Phelps and Johannes Els presented a overview of some of the research done by the Cape Reptile Institute on dwarf adders, titled: "An ecological study of the dwarf adders (Bitis armata & Bitis rubida, Viperidae) in Southern Africa".


Research Activities & other links

New honours module in Herpetology (US, UWC & UCT)

SCARCE - Survey of Cederberg Amphibians and Reptiles for Conservation and Ecotourism

SARCA - (Southern African Reptile Conservation Assessment)


Cape Fold Mountains Dwarf Chameleon Project

Biodiversity and Conservation Biology at UWC

Vertebrate Functional Biology Group

The Okavango Crocodile Project

The Cape Reptile Club

The Cape Reptile Institute

Reptile Wonders

Herpetological Association of Africa (HAA)

Zoological Society of Southern Africa (ZSSA)


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