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Coral Snake / Koraalslang

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Aspidelaps lubricus lubricus

Size Adults may reach an average length of 50cm (maximum 60 cm).

Description A beautiful snake that is banded alternately with red and black. It may raise its head and spread a narrow hood when threatened.

Biology This snake spends most of the time underground and is seldom seen. They are active at night in spring and after rains. They prey mainly on other reptiles. It will bite readily if caught. Bites from this subspecies are not known to have caused any fatalities, but bites from the northern infuscatus subspecies have proved fatal. Caution should thus be taken to avoid bites from this species. This is easily achieved by leaving these snakes well alone and not molesting them or trying to kill them.

Distribution It is restricted to the drier and sandy parts of southern Africa.

Distribution in GCBC Probably occurs throughout the Corridor.

Conservation Status Not listed

Threats It is often killed by vehicles whilst crossing roads at night.

Current studies None.

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