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Many-horned Adder / Veelhoringadder

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Bitis cornuta

Size Adults reach an average length of 30 cm (maximum 50 cm).

Description A small adder with a distinctive tuft of horn-like scales above each eye. The colour is usually a light grey with a series of pale-edged, black squarish blotches down the back – these may be broken up into pairs. There is also a series of less-well defined blotches down each side.

Biology These small adders prey primarily on lizards, but will eat small rodents too. They are irascible and hiss loudly and strike when approached. Their venom causes limited local necrosis, but no human fatalities have been reported.

Distribution From southern Namibia, through Namaqualand and southwards to the Saldanha area. Records to the south of Saldanha need confirmation as there may be confusion with other dwarf adder species.

Distribution in GCBC Probably occurs in all rocky areas. The distribution of this species in the Cederberg needs further elucidation due to past confusion with Bitis rubida.

Conservation Status Not listed.

Threats Habitat destruction.

Current studies None.

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