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Geckos (Gekkonidae; geitjies)

Striped Dwarf Leaf-toed Gecko / Gestreepte Dwerg-blaartoongeitjie

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Goggia lineata

Size A very small gecko with a snout-vent length of only 25-32 mm.

Description It is very similar to the Cedarberg dwarf leaf-toed gecko, but can be distinguished from it by its cylindrical body, rounded snout and short, deep head. The tail is the same length as the body and is cylindrical. Males usually have five preanal pores. Coloration is varied, but the back is usually light grey with either a dark striped pattern or a pale-centered scalloped one. The belly is off-white and finely striped in grey.

Biology The striped dwarf leaf-toed gecko is mainly a terrestrial species and shelters underneath rocks, under dead bark, and in rubble or rubbish piles. Like most geckos, it is nocturnal and emerges at sunset to feed on small insects, particularly termites. Its small size may make it less attractive for small mammals and snakes to feed on, but brings a whole new group of possible predators into play such as other geckos, scorpions and spiders. It readily sheds its tail when confronted by a predator and the wriggling tail will distract the predator, giving the gecko time to escape. The tail is later regenerated. Females normally lay a clutch of two eggs in early summer and a second one in late summer.

Distribution The striped dwarf leaf-toed gecko occurs along the western coastal region of South Africa, just entering Namibia, with isolated populations in the Karoo .

Distribution in the GCBC Probably occurs throughout the Corridor.

Conservation status Not listed.

Threats Habitat destruction.

Current studies None. Other recent studies include:

BAUER, A.M., GOOD, D.A., & BRANCH, W.R. 1997. The taxonomy of the southern African leaf-toed geckos (Squamata: Gekkonidae), with a review of Old World “ Phyllodactylus ” and the description of five new genera. Proceedings of the California Academy of Science 49: 447-497


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