More about Ricardo

My specialty lies in the Internet, Multimedia, Print Design and PC Development. Through the years I've developed my own unique style of design, design that complements the viewer as well as the owner. My aims it to develop media that change as the time changes. This ensures that the reader feel the change of time as they pursue my work.

In the past years I've also develop a passion for computer development, wether it is programming or just the basic rebuilding of a PC. With my experiences with graphics taught me that producing is just as important as the hardware in your PC. If your PC is build for “ NORMAL ” office work, the slower it will be to produce graphics. My search for the better PC have lead me to be “tri-lingual” in Macintosh (Unix), Microsoft and Linux based computers.

I'm involved in several projects around the university focusing on aspects such as web development, programming, marketing strategies, software reviewing, cross browser software and differences/comparing of Operating Systems.

At the moment my main focus is still Online Media & Graphic Design, but PC Development has greatly become part of my field. My future focusses are more in the field of developing web software or contributing to web development. I will also like to write an article on Technology and Compatiblity on aspect regarding designing web pages. I will also like to pursue projects that involve programming for research purposes.



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