Basic, applied and contract research on:

  • Application of spatial technological systems: Geographical Information Systems (GIS); Remote sensing (Aerial photography; Satellite image analysis); Computer cartography, digital mapping and atlas production; Web-based mapping and information provision
  • Environmental problems: management, analysis, planning, modelling and decision-making
  • Tourism development: spatial analysis and planning
  • Urban and regional problems: spatial analysis, planning and decision-making
  • Spatial development problems: analysis, planning and modelling
  • Spatial demographics: analysis and modelling

Training courses offered (non-scheduled):

  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Remote sensing and digital mapping

Target groups

  • State departments, para-statals, NGO’s, private enterprise

Dissemination of products

  • Publication of research findings
  • Submission of research results at public and other conferences
  • Production of an internal annual report

Geographical area of operation

  • Primarily Western Cape Province (primary information/physical surveys data bases) and South Africa
  • Southern Africa (secondary information available)

Service costs:

  • For an indication of cost per service, please see our SERVICE FEES
  • Please contact the Director for a a free quotation
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