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Research groups involved in analytical chemistry at Stellenbosch use state-of-the-art instrumental techniques to develop new methods to separate and analyze components in complex mixtures. There is a special focus on the analysis of wine, considering the strength and importance of the local wine industry.

analitical chemistry
Analytical Chemistry

chemical chemistry Chemical Biology

inorganic chemistry Inorganic Chemistry

organic chemistry Organic Chemistry

physical chemistry Physical Chemistry

polymer science Polymer Science

supramolecular chemistry & materialsSupra- molecular Chemistry
& Materials

Relevant Research Groups

André de Villiers
Research Summary:
The focus of the research is on new developments in the field of separation sciences. These include the areas of ultra-high pressure and high temperature liquid chromatography, comprehensive chromatographic techniques, gas chromatography-olfactometry and innovative sample preparation techniques. Within the context of Stellenbosch these techniques are applied primarily to as powerful tools in the bourgeoning new field of wine science.
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Relevant Research Groups

Klaus Koch
Research Summary:
Our research acknowledges the great importance of the Platinum Group Metals to South Africa as the world’s largest supplier of PGMs. Our mission is to contribute to fundamental new knowledge of the chemistry of the PGMs, and to develop the skills to meet the needs of this industry. We aim to establish a nationally and internationally recognized centre of expertise in this field.

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