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Groups in this research area often have a strong focus on and the application of their research to local industry. Research projects include the development of new homogeneous catalysts, and techniques for the characterization of precious metals and their complexes.

analitical chemistry
Analytical Chemistry

chemical chemistry Chemical Biology

inorganic chemistry Inorganic Chemistry

organic chemistry Organic Chemistry

physical chemistry Physical Chemistry

polymer science Polymer Science

supramolecular chemistry & materialsSupra- molecular Chemistry
& Materials

Relevant Research Groups

Prinessa Chellan
Research Summary:

My research focuses primarily on two areas, both of which have a strong synthetic chemistry component, design and study of new bioorganometallics for infectious illnesses and development of metal complexes for efficient homogenous catalysis of synthesis of complex organic molecules under aerobic conditions. My projects are designed to be multidisciplinary, bringing together different areas of chemistry including, organic and organometallic synthesis, bio-physical chemistry and analytical chemistry.

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Klaus Koch
Research Summary:
Our research acknowledges the great importance of the Platinum Group Metals to South Africa as the world’s largest supplier of PGMs. Our mission is to contribute to fundamental new knowledge of the chemistry of the PGMs, and to develop the skills to meet the needs of this industry. We aim to establish a nationally and internationally recognized centre of expertise in this field.
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Robert Luckay
Research Summary:

Our research efforts in collaboration with Prof. H. G. Raubenheimer focus on the design and synthesis of ligands which show selectivity for particular metal ions compared to related metal ions. Once selectivity is established using stability constant data, solvent extraction and transport of metal ions across a bulk liquid membrane would be carried out in order to separate and concentrate particular metal ions. This has a direct bearing on industrial and medical applications.
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Relevant Research Groups

Rehana Malgas-Enus
Research Summary:

Our main research focus is to encapsulate homogeneous catalysts within the dendrimer cavities, rendering the immobilized catalyst as heterogeneous. The dendrimer encapsulated complexes can then act as nano-reactors for application in the transformation of olefins via oxidation, hydroformylation, oligomerization and polymerization reactions, depending on the type of catalyst employed.

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Selwyn Mapolie
Research Summary:

The main focus of our research is the development of new multifunctional ligands which could be employed as synthons for the production of new multinuclear metal complexes. The multinuclear complexes include metallo-dendrimers as well as metal-containing polymers.

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