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The department’s research efforts in physical chemistry mostly focus on the use and application of computational techniques to study the structure and properties of isolated molecules, crystalline systems, and chemical reactions.

analitical chemistry
Analytical Chemistry

chemical chemistry Chemical Biology

inorganic chemistry Inorganic Chemistry

organic chemistry Organic Chemistry

physical chemistry Physical Chemistry

polymer science Polymer Science

supramolecular chemistry & materialsSupra- molecular Chemistry
& Materials

Relevant Research Groups

Jan Dillen
Research Summary:
We develop and apply computational methods to study molecular systems and their properties. Research projects usually concentrate on solving questions like how? and why?, rather than trying to make a statement like yes or no. The development efforts concentrate of classical force field methodologies but quantum mechanics plays an important role in our research.
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Willem Gerber
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Relevant Research Groups

Catharine Esterhuysen
Research Summary:
My research involves investigating the structural characteristics of molecules, either experimentally, by single crystal X-ray diffraction, or computationally, using quantum mechanical and force field calculations. Since the structure of a molecule has a direct relationship to its physical properties, this allows me to analyse and elucidate interesting physical phenomena, in particular the study of the porosity of various compounds.
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Paul Verhoeven
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