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As the only chemistry department in the country with an in-depth focus on polymer science, we are uniquely positioned to do high quality research in many of the various areas encompassed by the field, including analytical polymer chemistry, polymerization methodology and polymer fibres.

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analitical chemistry
Analytical Chemistry

chemical chemistry Chemical Biology

inorganic chemistry Inorganic Chemistry

organic chemistry Organic Chemistry

physical chemistry Physical Chemistry

polymer science Polymer Science

supramolecular chemistry & materialsSupra- molecular Chemistry
& Materials

Relevant Research Groups

Adine Gericke
Research Summary:
Ms Gericke is responsible for the development and coordination of the programme in Textile and Polymer Science (launched in 2003). This relatively new approach to this study field focus on textile science with a strong scientific base in Chemistry and Polymer Science. The research focus is on the development and evaluation of technical and performance textiles for niche markets – including smart textiles and nano-fibres.
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Bert Klumperman
Research Summary:

Living Radical Polymerization (LRP) is used as the central technique in the synthesis of advanced macromolecular architectures. Self-assembly of these architectures and heterogeneous polymerization processes are used to create ordered structures on a larger length scale. In order to optimize the degree of control in LRP processes, mechanistic studies are conducted to increase the understanding of the fundamental processes involved.
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Peter Mallon
Research Summary:

Research in our group can be broadly characterised as investigations of the structure property-relationship in complex polymer materials including semi-crystalline polymers, multiphase copolymers, nano-structured polymers and nano-filled polymer composite. We are interested in the synthesis of these materials as well as in the development of novel analytical approaches and techniques to characterise these materials.

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Relevant Research Groups

Harald Pasch
Research Summary:

Research in the Pasch group is focused on the development of multidimensional analytical techniques for complex polymers. This includes the coupling of different separation methods to each other (two-dimensional chromatography) and the hyphenation of separation methods with information-rich detectors like FTIR, NMR, and mass spectrometry. Separation methods to be used include all types of liquid chromatography (SEC, HPLC, Chromatography at critical conditions), field flow fractionation, electrically driven methods, and fractionation methods based on crystallizability.

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Albert van Reenen
Research Summary:

The polyolefin research group focuses on the study of the relationship between molecular make-up of polyolefins and macroscopic properties of both commercial and experimental polyolefins. The group is involved with the use of fractionation techniques for polyolefins and also instrumental in the development of novel characterization techniques for these materials. Collaboration with industry and other groups within te Department strengthens the total research effort.
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