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BSc in Chemistry: Chemistry and Polymer Science

Aims of the programme
This degree aims to give you a thorough knowledge of polymers and materials, and of sophisticated synthetic and analytic techniques for polymers. It trains you to become a professional chemist who has the necessary chemistry-based technical background for a career in any industrial or other sector in which chemistry plays a role. Emphasis is placed on the use of Chemistry for the processing of raw materials in the mining industry, for the refinement of metals, for metals extraction, in the petrochemical, building, paints, polymer, high-explosives, textiles, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries, or in industries for the manufacture of paper, household and cosmetic products. Considerable attention is also given to the monitoring, prevention and combating of pollution.

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BSc in Chemistry: Textile and Polymer Sciences

Aims of the programme
“Textiles” are used in more than just the clothing or fashion industries, and include industrial products (technical textiles), medical products as well as outdoor and sports gear (functional textiles). This career-oriented stream focuses on functional textiles to prepare young scientists for an exiting career in the textile industry.

Firstly, you acquire an in-depth scientific knowledge of textiles through the study of subjects such as fibre science, polymer modifications, textile performance characteristics, and manufacturing, colouring, printing and finishing of textiles. Physical science subjects such as Chemistry and Physics gives you an excellent foundation, which supports your knowledge of textiles in developing and evaluating textile products. Secondly, you acquire management and business skills, which are sought after in the textile and textile-related industries. In addition, you develop your creative, analytical and problem-solving skills.

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BSc in Chemistry: Chemical Biology

Aims of the programme
The purpose of this degree is to provide you with the necessary background to address problems and questions in Biology from a molecular perspective. You will be trained to become a scientist who has the necessary knowledge and skills for a career in any one of those sectors of the chemical industry involved in the more organic and biochemical aspects of chemistry, as well as for biotechnology industry where a knowledge of chemistry and analysis is crucial. Stellenbosch University is currently at the forefront of developing an interfacial research programme in Chemical Biology, and this degree will be excellent preparation for it.

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