NRF Presidentís award for C·I·B researcher

Dr. Cang Hui, researcher and Core Team Member at the C·I·B has been awarded the prestigious Presidentís Award (also known as NRF P-rating) from the National Research Foundation (NRF).

Dr. Hui started his academic career at the Lanzhou University of China where he obtained an MSc in Applied Mathematics and a PhD in Ecology. He started his career at the C·I·B in 2008 as mathematical ecologist. Bringing a special set of skills to the C·I·B, Dr Hui provides valuable support to fellow researchers at the Centre. Mathematical models, computer simulation, and numerical analysis are the primary methods he has adopted in his research.

Dr. Huiís main focus is the interface between ecology and mathematics. Of particular interest is the application of mathematics to provide a deeper understanding of ecological patterns. His current projects deal with building mathematical models for the spatial patterns and structures of biodiversity, with applications to quantifying the spread of invasive birds and plants in South Africa and abroad.

Dr. Hui is the author or co-author of 62 journal articles, has contributed to an impressive number of book chapters and full length proceedings, serves on the editorial boards of Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences and The Open Zoology Journal, and is associate editor of Biological Invasions.

The rating of individual researchers is a peer-review system used by the NRF to measure the quality of their research outputs over a period of eight years. P-rated scientists are young researchers (normally younger than 35 years of age), who have held the doctorate or equivalent qualification for less than five years at the time of application and who, on the basis of exceptional potential demonstrated in their published doctoral work and/or their research outputs in their early post-doctoral careers are considered likely to become future leaders in their field.

Dynamic species modelling workshop, Spain 2010

At a workshop in Spain, 2010, on the dynamic species modelling (from left: Cang Hui, Núria Roura-Pascual, Lluís Brotons, Andrew Fall, Marie-Josée Fortin and Miquel de Cáceres)