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Bernard Coetzee, an M.Sc. student affiliated with the C·I·B, was invited to participate in a savanna ecology field course in Kenya during September 2006. Hosted by the Tropical Biology Association, the course aims to build regional capacity in conservation biology. It brought together 24 young conservation biology students from across Europe and Africa for a month to learn and expand their knowledge of ecology. The course is one of four such similar courses, also held in Uganda , Tanzania and Madagascar , respectively. The course is very intensive with lots of fieldwork and relies on a “hands on” approach. Apart from travelling to fantastic locations, the course allows interaction among the 24 participants with a wide range of perspectives on a variety of themes, from conservation biology to social issues related to biodiversity conservation. For more information visit

Bernard Coetzee; on the shores of Lake Oloiden, Navaisha, Kenya. The lake has had an unexpected arrival of Lesser Flamingos, which have scientists baffled, especially since the species is in decline in many of the African Rift Lakes (see Koenig 2006 vol. 313 Science).