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The end of 2006 saw the finalization of the work of four students for their Master’s degrees under the supervision of C·I·B core team members at the University of Stellenbosch. In early 2007 completion of the examinations process confirmed that these students are the first M.Sc. graduates (along with Gene Guthrie from the University of the Western Cape) of the C·I·B.
More significantly, the examiners also confirmed that the C·I·B students are excellent! Jeanne Gouws, Michelle Greve, Ulrike Irlich, and Ndivhuwo Luruli were awarded distinctions for their work. Jeanne examined geographic variation in body size in beetles, Michelle studied the effects of landscape transformation on avian assemblages, Ulrike tested the temperature component of the fundamental equation of the metabolic theory of ecology, and Ndivuhwo investigated the large- and small-scale distribution of the invasive Argentine ant in South Africa.
Jeanne is currently employed by CapeNature, Ndivhuwo has taken a position with the National Research Foundation, and Michelle and Ulrike are investigating options for ongoing studies. The C·I·B is pleased to note that its first five graduates will help increase the number of women in the science system in South Africa.
Michelle Greve, Ulrike Irlich and Jeanne Gouws
Ndivhuwo Luruli