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Prof. Michael Samways, Chair of the IUCN/SSC/Invertebrate Conservation Sub-Committee, has won the highly prestigious Senior Captain Scott Medal by the South African Academy of Sciences and Arts for his contribution to research on the ecology and conservation of invertebrates.

In recent years, Prof. Samways’ research has been focusing on approaches to conserving insects and other biodiversity by combining functional attributes of ecosystems alongside the species approach, where ecological integrity is also maintained, especially through development of ecological networks. Prof. Samways has also been developing indicators of riparian restoration, tropical island restoration and maintenance of the health of coral reefs, with a focus on the Western Indian Ocean.

The real challenge facing terrestrial invertebrate conservation is in the agricultural arena, where optimal production must carry with it maximal biodiversity conservation. Towards this end, a synthetic management approach is being developed.

Prof. Samways in the field.