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The National Science and Technology Forum Awards for 2007/8 were presented at a Gala Dinner on 27th May 2008 at Emperor's Palace, Gauteng in Kempton Park. This high-profile event, being held for the tenth year in succession, is supported by the Department of Science and Technology and other key stakeholders.

Prof. Christian Chimimba, Associate Professor at the Department of Zoology and Entomology, University of Pretoria and C·I·B Core Team Member was the recipient of the NRF sponsored T W Kambule category H award: ‘Senior Black Researcher over the last 5 to 10 years’.

Prof Chris Chimimba's interests include: Evolutionary Biology, Biosystematics, Biometrics, and Biodiversity/Conservation Biology-related aspects in Mammalogy with a specific focus on the biosystematics of small mammals within the southern African sub-region. Of particular interest are rodents of medical, veterinary, agricultural and of nature conservation concern. Biosystematics is fundamental to modern biology, particularly with regard to threats posed by alien species. Because of the critical need to investigate systematics and conservation problems in a holistic sense, Prof Chimimba's research is essentially technique-driven and multidisciplinary in nature. It encompasses a wide range of taxa, and is based on the utilization of classical taxonomy and both conventional and current geometric techniques. In collaboration with other scientists, other techniques utilized include cytogenetics, DNA sequencing, and GIS techniques.

The NSTF Awards are unique in South Africa, recognising the outstanding contributions of individuals and groups of individuals to Science, Engineering, Technology, and Innovation and therefore afford an opportunity for recognition and celebration to all practising scientists, engineers and technologists across the system of innovation.