Background information

The family Cactaceae (1922 species) contains some of the most damaging invasive plant species in the world. The impacts of cactus invasions on biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, resource availability, national economy, and human health have been recognized for well over a century. The regions with the largest numbers of invasive cactus species are Australia (39 invasive cacti species), South Africa (35), Spain (23), Italy (13), Pacific Islands (13), France (10), Namibia (8), Portugal (7), China (5), Zimbabwe (5) and Hawaii (4). Each of these areas has its own management strategy to deal with cactus invasions. The present Global Working Group seeks to increase collaboration among countries with the same problems for which the solutions could be shared.

Overall, the main aim of this working group is to share, design, discuss and promote best management practices of cactus species in their introduced range.

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