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Invasive Alien Species Strategy for the Greater Cape Floristic Region Launched

One of the C·I·Bís mandates is to provide accurate and current scientific information to inform biodiversity and biosecurity policy. A lot of the C·I·Bís research effort has been conducted within the limits of the Greater Cape Floristic Region — essentially that part of South Africa with a winter rainfall regime. This research has addressed many issues that are relevant to managers dealing with biological invasions in the region. Although many research outputs have already been used in policy formulation, the lack of an over-arching framework to accommodate new research findings was a problem that was hindering the effective transfer of research outputs into policy.

The efforts of the Alien Species Task Team of the CAPE programme (Cape Action for People and the Environment) over the past few years has lead to the production of an “Invasive Alien Species Strategy for the Greater Cape Floristic Region” that was launched in October 2009. Several of the C·I·Bís core team members, post-doctoral associates and students were involved in various capacities in the activities that lead to the formulation of this important document [click here to read one recent research output].

C·I·B Deputy Director: Science Research, Dave Richardson, who serves as a member of the CAPE Alien Species Task Team wrote as follows in the Foreword of the new Strategy:

“The human dimension of invasions is crucial. Humans cause invasions, humans perceive invasions, and humans must decide whether, when, where and how to manage invasions. Humans must decide how much importance to place on intact ecosystems to safeguard our natural capital into the future.

The problems associated with biological invasions are bewilderingly complex and need to be tackled on many fronts, in a coordinated fashion. Hence the urgent need for the CAPE Invasive Alien Species Strategy.

The Strategy provides the roadmap required to radically improve the way we approach the management of invasive alien species in the Greater CFR. It proposes a bold vision, details the key challenges that need to be overcome, and defines objective goals, strategic interventions and desired outcomes. I am excited by the opportunities provided by the Strategy. I wholeheartedly endorse it and encourage all stakeholders to participate to ensure that its bold objectives are achieved.”

The C·I·B is proud to have been involved in the process that lead to this Strategy and will continue to support the ideals of CAPE and strives towards ensuring that the range of actions advocated in the strategy are widely adopted. We salute the dedication and vision of those who have worked so hard to produce this milestone, especially the Task Team Leader of the CAPE Invasive Alien Species Programme, Louise Stafford.

View the Invasive Alien Species Strategy for the Greater Cape Floristic Region

View the pdf version (960kb) of the Invasive Alien Species Strategy for the Greater Cape Floristic Region.