Student Theses
Student name Thesis title Level
Bahizi, Antoine Multi-scale pattern analysis of biological soil crusts in relation to vegetation in Fynbos Masters
Basson, Christene Helene Thermal adaptation in the lizard Cordylus oelofseni: physiological and behavioural responses to temperature variation Masters
Coetzee, Bernard The effects of interactions among change drivers on the sub-Saharan Africa Protected Areas network PhD
Crous, Casparus Vulnerability of selected native and invasive riparian species to projected stream flow variability due to climate change in the fynbos ecosystem Masters
Egoh, Benis Integrating ecosystem services into conservation planning in South Africa PhD
Gaigher, René Characteristics of Pheidole megacephala and its ecological connectance as an indigeous versus an invasive ant PhD
Haussmann, Natalie The biogeomorphology of a keystone species in the Sub-Antarctic PhD
Hough, Jan Anton A case study of the social impact of alien vegetation clearing projects in the Baviaanskloof Megareserve Masters
Janion-Scheepers, Charlene Arthropod Abundance and Diversity: Springtails as Exemplars PhD
Kleynhans, Elizabeth The effects of climate on tsetse fleis (Diptera: Glossinidae): from experimental physiology to biophysical distribution modelling Masters
Lado, Thomas Molecular ecology and invasive species in South Africa and on Marion Island PhD
Lee, Jennifer Alien species and propagules in the Antarctic region: marine and terrestrial loads associated with the South African logistics operations PhD
Lyons, Candice Using bottom-up modeling to assess changes in distribution patterns of anopheline vector species and an invasive weevil species with changing climate PhD
Magoba, Rembuluwani Comparative impacts of alien plants on biodiversity PhD
Mazibuko, Dickson Phylogenetic relationships of Prosopis in South Africa; An assessment of the extent of hybridization, and the role of genome size and seed size in the invasion dynamics Masters
Midoko-Iponga, Donald Invasive potential of the Peruvian pepper tree (Schinus molle) in South Africa PhD
Mothapo, Natasha Resource limitations to the invasion success of Argentine ants within the Fynbos PhD
Muhl, Sarah Grass invasion in Renosterveld: Influence of adjacent land use on soil variable gradients Masters
Mukhadi, Fulufhelo Licken Phenology of Marion Island Indigenous and Alien Vascular Plants Masters
Ndhlovu, Thabisisani Prospopis clearing in the Karoo: Assessing the value of restoring Nama Karoo rangeland through the recovery of ecosystem structure, function and agricultural productivity Masters
Nowell, Megan Determining the net benefits of clearing invasive alien vegetation on the Agulhas Plain Masters
Nuwagaba, Savannah Epidemic transmission in a social network: Ungrading the law of mass action to the reality Masters
Phiri, Ethel Macroecological patterns of four plant species of which two are alien invasives Masters
Rahlao, Sebataolo Current and future vulnerability of ecosystems to perennial grass invasion (using Pennisetum setaceum as a model) under global change scenarios: process, pattern and management PhD
Rogers, Andrew Impact of invasive Acacia stands on avian diversity in the Western Cape, South Africa Masters
Ruwanza, Sheunesu The effectiveness of active restoration on fynbos riparian zones heavily invaded by invasive alien Eucalyptus species. PhD
Schoeman, Colin The effects of invasive alien plants on functional and taxonomic insect diversity on Vergelen Wine Estate, Western Cape Masters
Spear, Dian Ungulates in Africa: distributions, correlates and consequences of introductions PhD
Tererai, Farai The impacts of invasive alien Eucalyptus species on riparian ecosystems PhD
Thompson, Genevieve Molecular ecology of Western Australian Acacia introductions into South Africa PhD
Treasure, Ann Functional Diversity and food webs in the Antarctic: Impacts of climate change and invasion PhD
Treurnicht, Martina Impacts of ploughing and introduction of commercial fynbos species on the biodiversity of sandstone fynbos on the Agulhas Plain, South Africa Masters
Vorster, Carlien Argentine ant: Their distribution in South Africa and the public's perception about them as invasive alien species Masters
Vosse, Shelley Natural rehabilitation potential of riparian zones after alien clearing in the fynbos biome: a study of indegenous seed banks Masters