Arunava Datta


My current research at C·I·B focuses on cultivars of ornamental plants in the context of risk assessment of invasive plants. Invasive plants are traditionally labelled at the species level and not at the infra-specific levels (below species). However, lot of variation exists at infra-specific levels, especially in ornamental plants with varying degree of invasiveness due to long history of artificial selection and breeding. In past, several cultivars with reduced fecundity (seedless/ sterile cultivars) have been developed by to reduce the possibility of further invasion. Therefore, it is necessary to perform risk assessments and formulate regulations at the infra-specific levels wherever applicable. I am currently involved in the development of a conceptual framework and experimental assays for performing risk assessment at infra-specific levels.

During my doctorial research at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (Halle, Germany), I worked on eco-evolutionary aspects of Ageratina adenophora invasion in western Himalaya using both experimental and macro-ecological approaches. I have also worked on other topics such as the distribution of highly endemic Jasminum parkeri in western Himalaya and tree line vegetation of western Himalaya.