Bhongolethu Mtengwana


Mr Bhongolethu Mtengwana is an MSc in Environmental and Water Sciences at the University of Western Cape, focussing on remote sensing applications in invasion of alien plant species modelling in semi-arid environments. I hold BSc and BSc (Hons) degree in Environmental & Water Sciences from the University of the Western Cape (2018). During my Undergraduate and Honours studies had the opportunity to have in-depth training in Biodiversity and Ecology, GIS/Remote sensing, Surface water hydrology, Groundwater, Water Quality, Geology, Geomorphology, Environmental and Water Management. My research interests lies in Environmental Modelling using GIS and remote sensing.

My honours’ research focused on the application of remote sensing in mapping Alien Invasive Plants species. This has resulted in development of further interests in modelling and investigating potential distribution patterns of IAPs invasion in semi-arid environments using remote sensing and environmental variables for management purposes.

Current research

Understanding the distribution patterns of Invasive Alien Plants and how environmental and climatic factors influence these patterns is imperative for effective management of these species. There is a need to develop an operational framework that can effectively and reliably detect, monitor and model invasive species distribution using remote sensing. Such framework will need strong evidence on the reliability of remote sensing approaches to accurately detect these species. The aim of the current study is to detect and model the distribution of Invasive Alien Plants in water-limited environments using multisource data i.e. remotely sensed data, environmental and climatic variables.