Kyle Boast


I completed my Bsc (Hons) in Agricultural Economics at Stellenbosch University. I am an aspiring resource economist who has a keen interest in alien invasive plants in the Western Cape. I see myself as a hardworking individual who has a passion and keen interest in conservation and resource economics.

Current research

I am currently a second year Msc student working on a project titled Life Cycle Assessment On Aerial and Ground Based Approaches of Herbicide Application to Alien Invasive Trees in the Western Cape.

The study will be playing particular close attention to alien invasive pine trees. The effects of alien invasive pine trees on the environment have been well documented, however there are very few studies from a cost perspective of the different approaches.

The use of aerial based herbicide application is a novel idea and my Masters project will take a look at these costs from an economic perspective, which can help with future decision making on alien pine tree removal in the Western Cape. I am supervised by Professor Theo Kleynhans and co supervised by Dr Willem De Lange.