Llewellyn Courtney Foxcroft

Current position

I have been employed by the South African National Parks, based in the Kruger National Park, since December 1996. I currently hold the position of scientist/ecologist, and am responsible for the Invasion Ecology research and monitoring programme. I am also Editor-in-Chief of Koedoe- African Protected Area Conservation and Science. Please see the "Background" section (left column) which indicates my career in SANParks.


I have a broad range of interests in a number of aspects of ecology, conservation biology, savanna ecology and proteced areas, although my research has mainly focussed on the ecology of alien plant invasions. I also have an interest in conceptual approaches to understanding ecological processes, and using tools such as frameworks and ecological flow chains as means of synthesising complex interactions.

I am also interested in the role of scale in examining patterns, and monitoring the dispersal of alien plants. Further, I enjoy exploring the concepts of heterogeneity, patch dynamics, disturbance, resilience, and others, merging the use of these concepts with the field of invasion ecology. I continue to explore the use of Strategic Adaptive Management as a means of connecting science, management and policy.

Research projects

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