Mmatsawela Ramahlo


I completed my BSc in Zoology (2013) and my BSc (Hons.) in Wildlife Management (2015) at the University of Pretoria. I then went on to complete my MSc in Zoology (2016-2017) under the supervision of Prof. CT Chimimba, Prof CWW Pirk and Prof A Ganswindt. During this period, I investigated the effects of land use and seasonality on the population dynamics and behaviour of small mammal species in the Limpopo Province.

Current research

My research is an environmental assessment using a novel method of small mammals as biological indicators to investigate the effects of land transformation with a particular focus on open-caste mining and agricultural land use.

My PhD research is focused on assessing stress-related endocrine correlates, behaviour, diet and diversity in rodents across disturbed and undisturbed landscapes as well as contrasting these variables during the wet and dry seasons within the Magaliesberg Biosphere.