Nkoliso Magona


I graduated with BSc Botany and Zoology in 2011 at Walter Sisulu University. I furthered my studies in 2012 doing honours in Zoology at Walter Sisulu University and my project was focussing on Environmental Impact Assessment as an environmental management tool: The protection of biodiversity in O.R. Tambo District Municipality of the Eastern Cape.

Current research

There are two main aspects to this project. First the proposed study sets out to assess the status of Acacia species in South Africa. The study will categorise invasion status of populations according to the stages of the introduced-naturalized-invasion continuum defined by the unified framework for biological invasion by Blackburn et al., (2011). Second, it will also assess the feasibility of eradicating some of these species. Part B of this study will focus on the management of naturalized Acacia species in South Africa and will assess the feasibility of eradicating them.