Tshililo Kharivha


I hold a BSc Honours degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Venda (graduated in 2018). Prior to that, I graduated with a BSc in Environmental Sciences from the same University. During my honours project I examined plant and soil recovery after alien plant removal in Vhembe Biosphere reserve, Limpopo province, South Africa. The study has prepared me well to further my studies in invasion biology. Prior to enrolling for my current MSc with Rhodes University, I worked as an intern with the Limpopo department of Economic Development Environment and Tourism under State Owned Nature Reserve Directorate, Nature Conservation field of exposure. My role as an intern was invasive alien plants control, law enforcement, all administrative tasks, game monitoring, game reduction, erosion control, bush encroachment control, fire management and patrols.

Current research

My MSc project aims to examine how invasive species respond to climate change particularly increased temperature, rainfall and soil nutrients. In this study I will examine how three invasive alien plants, namely Lantana camara, Acacia mearnsii, and Eucalyptus grandis respond to increase in temperature (+3°C), high rainfall and elevated soil nutrients. These three invasive plants were selected because they are well known problematic invasive species causing significant negative social, ecological and economic effects in South Africa. Results of this study will inform conservation managers and scientist how future global change scenarios affect these three problematic invasive alien plants.