Uviwe Bolosha


I obtained my BSc (Biological Science) in 2010 at Walter Sisulu University, after graduation I was employed as an educator at Shukuma S.S.S where I taught Life Sciences. The love of science in me resulted in deciding to further my studies and I did my BSc Hon (2013) and MSc (2014) in Botany at Rhodes University and my research work focused on estuarine and mangrove ecology. I later worked as a lab technician at Albany museum and as an environmental consultant and ecologist at SAZI environmental consulting. I am currently enrolled for a PhD at Rhodes University.

Current research

My PhD will examine the efficacy of soil nutrient manipulation (soil fertilizer addition, topsoil removal, and soil transfer) as an ecological restoration option that recovers both soil and native vegetation after Lantana camara removal. The cost implication of each soil manipulation technique in relation to both soil and native vegetation recovery will be examined. In addition, the allelopathic effects of leaf litter on native species will be examined and the effects of soil transfer on soil microbes and physico-chemical properties will be analysed. This research will generate new information and will enhance strategies for ecological restoration in South Africa.