Accommodation options

Please note that Stellenbosch’s peak season runs from September (spring) to April (autumn). Therefore, accommodation may be limited or booked out during this time. Please make sure that you book your room as early as possible.

Because the workshop venue is located outside of Stellenbosch’s town centre we will arrange a shuttle service for participants who do not have their own transportation. The shuttle will stop at three locations within Stellenbosch. We have compiled a list of different accommodation options each within walking distance of the shuttle stops. See the map and information below for more details.

Shuttle stops

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STOP I (Dorp Rd @ Mark St)

STOP II (Mill St @ Church St)

STOP III (Van Riebeeck St @ Neethlings St)

Accommodation in walking distance to the workshop venue:

Picture credits: (left and right) Acacia forestry trial – photo credit John Wilson; (top left) Acacia pycnantha also known as Golden wattle – photo credit Jaco Le Roux; (top centre) Acacias covering country road – photo credit Pablo Souza-Alonso; (top right) Acacia mearnsii commonly known as Black wattle; (bottom) Prosopis, Loeriesfontein – photo credit Ross Shackleton.