Venue information

LanzeracThe workshop will be held at Lanzerac Wine Estate which is located in the beautiful Jonkershoek Valley on the outskirts of Stellenbosch.

Web address:

Physical Address:
No. 1 Lanzerac Road
Stellenbosch 7600
South Africa

Please note that we will arrange a shuttle service for participants who have their accommodation in Stellenbosch’s town centre. For further information see Accommodation.

Picture credits: (left and right) Acacia forestry trial – photo credit John Wilson; (top left) Acacia pycnantha also known as Golden wattle – photo credit Jaco Le Roux; (top centre) Acacias covering country road – photo credit Pablo Souza-Alonso; (top right) Acacia mearnsii commonly known as Black wattle; (bottom) Prosopis, Loeriesfontein – photo credit Ross Shackleton.