Special issue of African Biodiversity and Conservation (Bothalia)

Assessing the Status of Biological Invasions in South Africa

Paper proposal submission deadline: 26 Feb 2016

The impacts of biological invasions are increasing and are felt by all sectors of society in South Africa. In some cases mitigation and control measures have been very successful in reducing undesirable impacts, but in other cases control has been ineffective or the problem has not even been recognised. A key challenge is to develop a standardised system to monitor and report on the state of invasions. In response to this need, South Africa has committed to producing a National Status Report on Biological Invasions by October 2017 under the NEM:BA Alien & Invasive Species Regulations. The National Status Report will be the theme of both a Special Issue of the journal African Biodiveristy and Conservation, and the 43rd Annual Research Symposium on the Management of Biological Invasions, to be held on 1820 May 2016 at Goudini Spa, Western Cape.

Questions to be addressed in the Special Issue include:

  • What is the state of invasions across different areas, pathways, and taxa?
  • What are the scale and trends in the impacts of invasions?
  • How effective are management and policy interventions?

We invite researchers, managers and policy makers to submit one page proposals for papers on a topic relevant to the National Status Report. Submissions will be reviewed and potentially invited to present at the Symposium with the proposal included in the Symposium booklet. Based on the presentations and the feedback received, it is expected that manuscripts will be developed into full papers to be submitted to the ISI-listed ABC Bothalia for peer review and potential inclusion in the Special Issue.

Important dates

26 Feb 2016 Submission of paper proposal to jrwilson@sun.ac.za
25 Mar 2016 Acceptance of proposal
18-20 May 2016 Presentations at the symposium
27 May 2016 Submission of manuscripts to ABC Bothalia opens
26 July 2016 Submission of manuscripts to ABC Bothalia closes
31 May - Dec 2016 Review of submissions
March 2017 Special Issue published