Listing of invasive alien species associated with 10 forms of uncertainty!

Populating the pressure indicator for invasive alien species � in other words ‘number of invasive alien species per country’ (see McGeoch et al. 2010) � is dependent on the availability of high quality lists of invasive alien species for a range of taxonomic group, countries and regions. The listing of invasive alien species is prone to a wide range of both avoidable and unavoidable errors. McGeoch et al. (2012) review and assess the implications of these errors. They provide a set of recommendations for improving the comparability, standardization and transparency of invasive alien species listing for the purpose of, inter alia, improving the robustness of indicator outcomes.

Source: McGeoch, M.A., Spear, D., Kleynhans, E.J. & Marais, E. (2012). Uncertainty in invasive alien species listing. Ecological Applications. Preprint available at: doi:

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