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To engage in curriculum enquiry with a view to producing knowledge and adding to the knowledge base of the field.
To include modules on curriculum studies in all programmes offered in the faculty of education (all year levels: under and post graduate)

General Information

The interest group consists of staff members of the Department who teach on Curriculum Studies modules and engage in research in this area of education.


At present the main project thrust is around the inclusion and review of Curriculum Studies modules in various programmes and to conduct research on these processes.


A departmental colloquium is envisaged regarding the revision of post graduate work in Curriculum Studies.


Research articles have been conceptualised and a seminar will be conducted at the Kenton Conference later this year detailing the first year development / renewal of curriculum experiences. Articles will be submitted for publication along the same theme later this year.

Academic Output:

Dr CPS Reddy
Mr PAD Beets
Prof AE Carl
Prof LLL le Grange
Prof AE Carl

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