(Centre for Education Leadership and Management of Stellenbosch University)


General Information

The Centre for Education Leadership and Management of the University of Stellenbosch (Celemus) has contributed to the development of educational leadership and management at school, district, provincial and national levels since its establishment in July 2007. The Centre promotes excellent quality education through formal and informal educational leadership and management development programmes.

1. General and specific aims

1.1 General aim
The general aim of Celemus, as a centre attached to the Faculty of Education, is to contribute to the development of leadership and management in education at primary school, high school and post-school levels (provincially, nationally and internationally) by making the expertise of US personnel available for formal and informal educational programmes. This aim is promoted in conjunction with existing and envisaged management and leadership programmes of the Faculty of Education.

1.2 Specific aims

  • To contribute to the extention of knowledge and understanding of leadership and management through investigation, analysis and critical evaluation of leadership and management theories, approaches and practices
  • To work in conjunction with provincial, national and international partners in order to strengthen the above-mentioned aim
  • To strengthen the research capacity and professional practice of leaders in education
  • To provide support to educational leaders in the implementation of practice-based investigation/research, projects and the development of case studies reflecting such projects
  • To contribute to the improvement of the levels of the skills of managers/leaders in education
  • To improve subject, learning area and phase leadership skills aimed at the effective coordination of learning activities and the general improvement of learner achievement

    2. Methodology

    Celemus offers its services by way of:
  • existing accredited short courses (see below);
  • accredited short courses developed for and aimed at specific needs identified in conjunction with clients;
  • projects identified by Celemus or in conjunction with faculties, departments and other institutions associated with the University; and
  • projects initiated by Celemus in conjunction with national and provincial education departments, as well as other provincial, national and international organisations (partnerships).

    Focus areas of existing short courses
  • Subject, learning area and phase management
  • Mentorship
  • Literacy
  • Lead Teachership in different fields of specialisation
  • Legal perspectives on education management and governance
  • Introductory statistics and basic education indicators

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