What is Food Science?

Food Science deals with the processing of raw agricultural produce into food products that are acceptable for human consumption. A Food Scientist possesses the skills necessary to convert these raw materials into the safe, attractive food products and beverages available on our supermarket shelves. Food Scientists constantly seek to improve existing techniques by which new products are developed, processed, packaged, stored and transported.

Food Science is an exciting field of study that applies sciences such as Chemistry, Biochemistry and Microbiology to discover ways to improve the taste, nutrition and quality of the world's food supply. You will also learn about food preservation and processing, food analysis, product development, food packaging and the implementation of food quality and safety systems.

Where can I work?

You can choose a career in one of the largest and vital industries in the world. Food Scientists can be employed to do quality assurance, product development, research, technical support, sales, purchasing and production management. The food industry also presents lots of scope for entrepreneurs or you may choose to pursue post-graduate studies!

Will I get to know the food industry?

Through numerous visits to food factories and compulsory practical work over university holidays, students gain a sound knowledge and experience of practices in the food industry.

What subjects do I need?

Prospective students must have a National Senior Certificate, with Afrikaans or English (Home Language or First Additional Language) 4, Mathematics 4, Physical Sciences 4 or Physical Sciences 3 and Life Sicences 4.

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