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All information in this site is for the sole use of registered students in the Postgraduate Diploma in Technology for Language Learning and the MA (TeLL) programmes; login names and passwords may not be provided to other persons.

This site is the centre of the P/G Diploma in Technology for Language Learning programme. It contains

      • general information under Main
      • the year schedules for both the P/G Diploma and the MA programmes
      • course material for the different modules for the P/G Diploma
      • assignments for the P/G Diploma
      • information on the proposal, research process and thesis writing of the MA (TeLL)
      • access to the FTP server
      • a link to the TeLL blog.

It is a simple, no-frills site, intending to inform, with fast-loading pages and easy navigation.

How to use this site

The Schedule is the year's schedule and dates for assignments and tests. Although the Schedule clearly indicates how one should progress through the website, it can be navigated at will; and each student may approach it differently.


The Schedule provides a time frame for the year's work. To make things easy, links have been embedded in the Schedule from which you can access specific web pages of each module which are dealt with in a particular week. Under the separate modules you will find information on the desired outcomes as well as the necessary materials and instructions to achieve them. Assignments for the whole year are indicated in the Schedule (in the right-hand column) or can be accessed by clicking on the link Assignments. For most of the tasks, you will need additional information which you can gather via the links and recommended reading material provided in each section as well as material that you find yourself. The due dates are also indicated in the righthand column of the Schedule.

Course material

For reasons of copyright, much of the information cannot be presented as part of this site, but is made accessible by way of links to other websites or references to books and journal articles and to some pdf documents. We try to update links all the time and also check that links are working or are "live", but the nature of the Internet makes it impossible not to have dead links or links to unwanted sites. If you come across any dead links, please let us know. Larger material (e.g. Powerpoint Presentations, vodcasts, tutorials) is made available via our FTP server from where it can be downloaded.

Pedagogy of the Postgraduate Diploma programme

It is evident that the pedagogy behind the Postgraduate Diploma programme has to be "learning by doing"; you are constantly working in the environment you have to understand and master. This may require a steep learning curve at the start, but it will result in a symbiotic effect as you progress. It also requires a lot of reading on all different aspects of language learning and teaching as well as use of technology.

Your success will greatly depend on the speed by which you acquire routine and expertise. This requires regular reading and practice in software applications. Even if you already are a seasoned computer user, you will need to set aside time preferably every day, but definitely every week, for practising, browsing, downloading, reading and using the appropriate tools for each activity.