Oktober / October 2008

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first amongst
its peers

For the past 24 years, SU’s Urology Division has been ‘first’ amongst its academic peers – and 2008 was no exception. At the recent biennial congress of the SA Urological Association, the organization’s two top prizes were once again awarded to members of the Stellenbosch Division. Although there are Urology departments at seven of the South Africa’s eight medical schools, 21 of the 27 prizes awarded by the Association over the past 24 years were won by registrars and consultants attached to Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Hospital.

Dr André van der Merwe

Storz prize
The Storz prize for the most outstanding young Urologist in South Africa was awarded to Dr André van der Merwe, senior lecturer in the Urology Division of SU/Tygerberg Hospital.
The prize is awarded every two years and is sponsored by the German company Storz, a manufacturer of endoscopic instruments. The prize winner is chosen by the executive committee of the SA Urological Association on the basis of the achievements of the recipient in the first ten years since registration as a urologist. The evaluation is based on the applicant’s publications, congress presentations and other contributions to urological service delivery and training.
The first Storz prize was awarded in 1988 to prof Chris Heyns, currently head of the Urology Division, and subsequently seven of the 11 recipients of the Storz prize were attached to SU/Tygerberg Hospital.
This year’s prize was awarded to Van der Merwe at the 27th biennial congress of the Urological Association.

Dr Amir Zarrabi

Bard and Nol van Blerk prizes
The Bard prize for the best paper presented by a registrar at the congress was won by Dr Amir Zarrabi, also of SU/Tygerberg. It was awarded to Zarrabi for his paper entitled, Computer directed robotic gantry system for gaining precisely targeted needle access to the renal collecting system during percutaneous nephrol i thotomy (PCNL).
The project was done in collaboration with Mr Jean-Pierre Conradie, a MSc-Ing student in the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering at Stellenbosch, who wrote the computer programme and designed the robotic gantry. The sponsor of the Bard prize is a firm which manufactures disposable urological equipment.
The first Bard prize was awarded in 1984 to prof Chris Heyns, and subsequently eight of the 10 recipients were registrars at SU/Tygerberg Hospital.
Zarrabi also received the Nol van Blerk prize for his paper entitled, Confirmed versus suspected urogenital tuberculosis in a region with an extremely high prevalence of pulmonary tuberculosis.
The prize is awarded by the Urological Association for the best paper by a registrar which has also been submitted in the form of a manuscript suitable for publication. The prize is named after prof Nol van Blerk, first professor in Urology at the University of the Witwatersrand.
The first Van Blerk prize was awarded in 1998, and subsequently all six winners of this prize were registrars at Stellenbosch University.
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