focus areas


Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Psychology and marketing strategies, consumer research, cross-culture, the South African consumer, consumer typologies, social stratification, families and consumer influence, group communication and diffusion of innovations, consumer decision-making, selection and evaluation of alternatives. Store choice and purchase, post-purchase behaviour, market regulation.


Physical facilities for human differences, sub-groups and the handicapped, human abilities and restrictions, hand work (manual materials handling). Human and technology, information processing.

Human Resource Development

Principles of learning, analysis of training needs, programme design, evaluation of training.

Presentation of training, contemporary applications – inter personal and organisational, management of human resource development.

Human Resource Management

Personnel management goals and personnel policies, personnel purveyance, training and development of personnel.

Remuneration, integration, and maintenance of employees, evaluation of personnel.

Labour Economics

Measure of economic performance; the functioning of markets and the role of the government .

components of the labour market; labour market outcomes; South African policy perspectives.

Labour Law

Common law contract of employment, statutory conditions of employment; termination of the contract of employment; unfair dismissal.

Requirements for collective bargaining, bargaining in terms of the Act on Labour Relations, non-statutory bargaining, dispute resolution.

Labour Relations

Labour relation perspectives, parties involved in labour relations, labour relation systems, employee participation, labour legislation, collective bargaining, dispute resolution and collective bargaining, negotiation, labour relations in the organisation.


Occupational Psychology

Forming of concepts, cognitive development, cognition and thoughts, problem-solving, intelligence, creativity, moral development, needs and motives, identity and self concept, worth, wisdom, principles of human behaviour.

Career models, career development, career choices, organisational entry, early, middle and late career issues , stress, integration of work and family problems, management of diversity, career management and supporting systems.

Organisational Psychology

Personality, working values, cultural diversity, employee relations, working motives and management motivation, working motivations, working design, organisational leadership.

Group behaviour and affectivity, team work, inter-group behaviour, organisational power and politics, communication, decision-making in organisations, organisational structure and -design, organisational culture, organisational change and development, organisational effectiveness.

Psychometrics and Research Methodology

Research initiating questions , theorising, research problems and –hypotheses, conceptualising and operationalisation, research designs, sampling , types of research, research proposals and research reports .

Development and validating of selection procedures, psychometric audits, construct- and criteria directed norms, reliability, validity, fairness, bias, utility, test construction, item analyses, and psychometric reports.

Statistical Analysis and Computer Usage

Data analysis via SAS and SPSS, data cleaning, overview of descriptive statistics, analysis of variance, correlation and regression analysis, factor analysis, LISREL, discriminant analysis.