Shaun Peters

Dr Shaun Peters

My research interests lay within the broad purvey of plant water soluble carbohydrate (WSC) metabolism.  I have historically focused on the raffinose family oligosaccharides (RFOs; α-1,6 galactosyl extensions of sucrose) and their role/s in both fundamental metabolism and abiotic stress tolerance.  To this end we have investigated interesting non-model plants such as resurrection plants (Xerophyta viscosa), freeze tolerant labiates (Ajuga reptans). A current focus within the research group involves the engineering of exotic carbohydrate biosynthetic pathways into Arabidopsis, to elucidate how these carbohydrates may exert their protective effects in the organisms within which they naturally occur.

List of Publications

  • Egert A, Peters S, Guyot C, Stieger B, Keller F (2012) An Arabidopsis T DNA insertion mutant for galactokinase (AtGALK, At3g06580) hyperaccumulates free galactose and is insensitive to exogenous galactose. Plant and Cell Physiology (In press).
  • Peters S, Egert A, Stieger B, Keller F (2010) Functional identification of Arabidopsis ATSIP2 (At3g55720) as an alkaline galactosidase with a substrate specificity for raffinose and an apparent sink-specific expression pattern. Plant and Cell Physiology 51 : 1815-1819. Abstract
  • Peters S, Keller F (2009) Frost tolerance in excised leaves of the common bugle (Ajuga reptans L.) correlates positively with the concentrations of raffinose family oligosaccharides (RFOs). Plant Cell and Environment 32: 1099-1107.Abstract
  • Lehner A, Chopera D, Peters SW, Keller F, Mundree SG, Thomson JA, Farrant JM (2008) Protection mechanisms in the resurrection plant Xerophyta viscosa: Cloning, expression, characterization and role of XvINO1, a gene coding for a myo-inositol 1-phosphate synthase. Functional Plant Biology 35: 26-39.Abstract
  • Peters S, Mundree, SG, Thomson, JA, Farrant, JM and Keller, F. (2007) Protection mechanisms in the resurrection plant Xerophyta viscosa (Baker): Both sucrose and raffinose family oligosacharides (RFOs) accumulate in leaves in response to water deficit. Journal of Experimental Botany 58: 1947 1956.Abstract
  • Endler A, Meyer S, Schelbert S, Schneider T, Weschke W, Peters SW, Keller F, Baginsky S, Martinoia E, Schmidt UG (2006) Identification of a vacuolar sucrose transporter in barley and Arabidopsis mesophyll cells by a tonoplast proteomic approach. Plant Physiology 141: 196–207.Abstract
  • Peters S. (2003) Resurrecting hope: drought tolerant crops. In J Limson, ed, Science in Africa, October edition. Science magazine for Africa CC.