Training at the IPB

Although the focus at the IPB itself is on postgraduate training in Plant Biotechnology our academic personnel teach undergraduate courses in biology, plant physiology, molecular biology and biotechnology. In addition, lecturers from various departments and experts from industry provide valued input to teach postgraduate courses and supervise postgraduate students in Plant Biotechnology.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of biotechnology, postgraduate students with diverse academic backgrounds such as plant sciences, biochemistry, microbiology and genetics are accepted at BSc Hons level. Students can also enrol for their Masters and Doctoral degrees in Plant Biotechnology during which time they will form an integral part of our research program.

Our graduates can look forward to careers as researchers, consultants or research managers in the academic, agricultural, medical and environmental sectors. In addition, biotechnology graduates can also specialise as patent attorneys, investment analysts, bio-informatists or become entrepreneurs.