To register:

  1. 1.Download the applicable registration form below.

  2. 2.Complete the form.

  3. Depending on the version of the form selected you may either click to type in the shaded areas of the form, or print the form to be completed by hand.

  4. 3.Submit the registration form to 

  5. The electronic form, once saved locally, may be attached to an email message.

Please remember to return a proof of payment for the registration fee along with the registration form, or as soon as possible thereafter. The applicable payment details appear below.



Bank name  :  Standard Bank

Account name  : US Deposito Rekening

Account number  : 073 006955

Branch code  : 050610


R1427 - (Surname and Initials of attendee)




Bank name  : First National Bank

Account name  : Universiteit van Stellenbosch Buitelandse Inkomste

Account number  :  621 071 77083

Branch code  : 204109

S.W.I.F.T Address  : FIRNZAJJ

Physical Address  :  5th Floor Media City, No. 1 Heerengracht, Rua Vasco Da Gama Entrance, Foreshore, Cape Town


R1427 - (Surname and Initials of attendee)

Payment Details

Registration Fee: ZAR 600.00

Please send a proof of payment to

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Registration is CLOSED

Please contact us to enquire about late registration

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